Hi I’m Jeff’s girlfriend. This is my obnoxious Disneyland sweatshirt that I wore to school today. And I’m in college. 

I swear I’m not 12. I just have that much love for all things Disney.
Hope ya’ll are having a wonderful day! :3

This is my girlfriend. Her name is Alexa and today is our 4th monthaversary. I know thats not much, but it means everything to me because she’s been my bestfriend ever since I first left a comment on her myspace almost 3 years ago. we’ve been through thick and think, hell and heaven together, and theres no one else i’d rather be with. This picture is from february 19th the day i asked her to be my everything. shes the greatest person i know, and i’m so happy that i’ve already found what so many people spend their entire lives searching for. <3

astro orbiters!

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Star tours cost twice the construction of Disneyland the 1st time it opened