Mt. Rose - Ski Tahoe Jan. 7th 2012

i love my girlfriend. she moshes/headbangs to OM&M with me over skype. she’s the bestest. (:

I want to go to the beach with Alex. ): Maybe we can hang at tahoe one day and lay out. That’d be sick.  I miss her with my entire being. I’m a needy boyfriend. haha But its true. When she’s not around, I feel like my heart is missing. I’m soo incredibly excited to see her on Saturday. I smile just thinking about it.

Through this sickness, i’ve decided its a Transit kind of night. 

Someone should ask me shit in my ask because if you follow me, you must like me a little. Soooo, do it? please? guise? pls? guise?

so before i go to bed, i just wanted to let my followers and the rest of tumblr into my head for a second…


I believe that people use this word far to possessively. Let me take a second and explain to you EXACTLY what that word means to ME. It means trust, it means security, it means love and respect. It means that when there’s no more fight in you, there’s someone else who will fight for you. Sure, it’ll take a while to get to this type of friendship. It needs time to grow, flourish, be more than just a “hi” and a passing glance. But a lot of people lose sight of the Jeff Hutcherson definition of friendship after a while. They become possessive, they become narcissistic, they become so full of what THEY believe a friendship is, that they themselves become the exact opposite of what a good friend actually IS. They create a false sense of security that is a relationship between two bros, girlfriends, or even so far as a romantic relationship. They become afraid to tell each other how they feel and resort to talking shit behind each others backs and forgetting why they became close enough to know the very things that they’re telling others in the first place. They think that just because they hang with someone else, that they become an enemy. That if they dont agree with the other person, they become an enemy. They become selfish. I dont believe a friendship is based off of how much time two friends spend together. I think it lies in the trust that the people share, and the quality of the memories, not the quantity. It lies in the respect they hold for each other and uphold for each other. Especially when things get though. Respect for decisions, respect for lifestyles, respect for each other, Even if you dont agree with the choices. You respect them. You respect it, even if that means saying “I told you so” at the end of the day. Because that’s what friends do. I’ve had some bad friends and I’ve got great friends. At the end of the day, the great friends stick around. Because, to conduct an orchestra, you’ve gotta turn your back to the crowd, and the greatest of friends, will be the ones shouting for an encore when everyone else has left.

Because most of the time I usually reblog from her, I decided to post a picture of my own. I can’t even begin to explain the worlds this girl means to me. She’s the greatest person I know and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. I have a feeling it’s going to be a bright one.

this is what happens when i need to go to sleep.

i take pictures of myself on tumblr… 

i need sleep. goodnight.

took care of it. im good now. hahaha

its far to early to be up on a day without classes, but i had to go to advising. sooo, yeah. now im derping around listing to some pissed off Like Moths to Flames waiting for Alex to get out of class. buuuut she doesnt get out for a while. ): and i have to poop, which isnt a good look. i should probably take care of that.


Even when you’re making whale sounds because you’re too hungover to function, I still love you.



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Horray for finishing two of my journals! only a lot more to go! lol is it 5 yet?

these kids are awesome. cant wait to call them my bros.

i like my hat (: